How to Use Persuasive Writing To Make Easy Sales


Grabbing Attention

Well, it all starts with attention and engagement – which are two difficult things to accomplish in today’s world. These days, everyone is in a rush, everyone is always busy and it’s increasingly rare to get a chance to just sit down and read a long piece of text. Studies even suggest that the internet and technology, in general, is causing symptoms very similar to ADD in a lot of people!

So your first objective is to get people to stop and pay attention. That means you need to write in a manner that is efficient and to the point. Avoid long-winded sentences or flamboyant language – aim to get your point across in as few words as possible.

Another tip is to try writing with a narrative structure. In other words, make your sales pitch into a story! One of the most common and popular ways to do this is to write the story of how your product helped you – this works wonders because people find it hard to turn off from stories – we always want to know how they end and we want to learn as much as we can about them. This is why we’ll often stay up all night watching trashy TV!

You can also grab attention right away by using a controversial or shocking opening sentence that will increase interest and engagement and make it hard for people to just turn off. Another tip to make sure people don’t just leave without reading everything is to try and write in a way that makes it easy to skim through quickly.


If you take a look at most sales pages, you’ll notice that they’re very long and narrow, that they utilize lots of long, detailed headers, and that they have lots of bold, underlined, or red text. The idea here is that most people will skim through your content anyway –
so you need to ensure that they can do so and still get the whole story.

Even just the headlines alone should give enough information that someone might be interested to buy, while the bold and underlined words will also jump out and grab attention. This way even if people are in a hurry, they’re still going to be ENGAGED
and hopefully, buy your product!!



Selling the Dream

So now they’re reading, what are you going to do with that hard-won attention?
The answer is that you need to sell the dream and sell your ‘value proposition’. You need to get people dreaming about your product
and truly wishing they owned it. This is something we’ll talk about more in subsequent chapters but ultimately, the objective is to make sure people think of your product in emotional terms. They need to understand how your product can make their lives better and why they really need it.



What is a value proposition?

Essentially, it means understanding how your product really makes lives better. What is the real value of your product?
Why will people buy it? People don’t buy a fitness ebook for a good read. They don’t even buy a fitness book to get fitter. They buy fitness books to feel good about themselves, to impress women or men, and to have confidence and good health. That’s the ‘dream’ and that’s the emotion you need to tap into.

If your product is about making money, then the dream is power, influence, and the resources to avoid the stress of debt, to go on big holidays, and to own a big beautiful house!
Of course, you also need to describe the product itself and precisely what it entails – it can’t all just be abstract.



Building Trust and Authority

The next thing you need to do is to build trust and authority. You’re selling this dream and showing exactly how you’re going to help people get there. But that’s not enough on its own because people need to trust you. This is partly what your sales funnel has been all about leading up to this. But you can also further enhance this effect during your sales pitch. You can help people to trust you and remove risk by:
• Using social proof like reviews and testimonials
• Using money-back guarantees and other safety measures that make the buyer feel safe
• Appealing to stats and statistics – such as studies that back up your claims
• Appealing to figures of authority and thought leaders in your niche
• Providing your own credentials
Do all this and you’ll find people are more likely to take that risk and buy
from you.



Removing Barriers to Sale

Finally, you need to remove those barriers to sale. One way to do this is by combating the dreaded ‘buyers’ remorse’. This is the sense of guilt that people can feel after they’ve bought something. You need to remove this by demonstrating that what you’re selling is a good deal, or by convincing them that they might even be making some kind of investment! This latter strategy, of course, works particularly well when you’re selling something like a make money online course!



Urgency and Scarcity

What is key to understand when selling, is that people buy based on their emotions and not logic. This is the reason that the whole ‘value proposition’ concept is so important: if you try and sell based on logic alone then people will often realize they don’t really need what you’re offering and talk themselves out of it.
But if you convince them based on emotion, then they’ll feel strongly compelled to buy and will find it hard to resist that temptation. The
difference is huge and ultimately leads to a lot more sales. This is also why it’s often a good idea to try and get people to imagine
owning your product and to make it seem desirable in its own right: in particular, this means using the right language: words like ‘feel’ and ‘looks’ help to really paint a picture and are often used by the likes of Steve Jobs and others when selling products.

The key is to get people to act on that emotion while it is there, rather than going away and coming back. To do this, you can introduce scarcity and urgency. That means pointing out that your audience needs to buy right now, or risk missing out entirely. You can do this by making out that you only have a very limited number of products left for sale, or by introducing a limited-time discount. Your readers will then conclude that if they are at all interested in what you’re offering, they should buy right away rather than risk missing out on the opportunity. That way, they’ll act on their emotional impulse, rather than leaving and decide against it!

People are pounded daily with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements a day. They are on the T.V., radio, the Internet, cell phones, phones, offline store signs, newspapers, magazines, e-mails, mail, billboards, and even on products they already bought.

In order for your business to compete your first priority is to get their attention, use persuasive words, and offer warnings.




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